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Wizzzer - Original

Wizzzer - Original

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RETRO is NEW! Originally introduced in 1970, Wiz-z-zer is the bestselling top of all time! Super Impulse is proud to reintroduce the Original Wiz-z-zer and offer a whole new line of Wiz-z-zing products that are sure to become classics.

Spinning at 10,000 RPMs with incredible balance and stability thanks to it’s unique internal gyro. The Original Wiz-z-zer is back and available in two styles, Rounder and Wedge, with 8 new graphics. Play for speed and battle against other Wiz-z-zers, or learn to master all the tricks!

Note: Each The Original Wizzer comes in multiple colours and designs We cannot promise any specific design you will receive for online orders. 

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