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WOW Toys - George's Dragon Tale

WOW Toys - George's Dragon Tale

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Im Sir George WOW Toys very own gallant knight and together with my loyal dragon Smokey we set out on heroic quests through dark enchanted forests and magical fairy-tale worlds on our sturdy chariot. Smokey always protects me and leads me to the fair maiden for me to rescue her from terrifying beasts. 

I use my working catapult to fire my boulder into enemy lines to break their defences free the injured and save the day! 


* 1 x Push-along chariot 
* 1 x Removable boulder 
* 1 x Removable knight 
* 1 x Removable dragon
* Realistic clippety-clop sound 
* Working catapult 

* From 1½ years - Sensory stimulation and motor skill development 
* From 2 years - Discovery & learning 
* From 2½ years - Social interaction 
* From 3 years - Role-play & exploration 

Age: 1½ - 5 years

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