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X Shot Skins Dread - Various

X Shot Skins Dread - Various

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X-Shot Skins brings the in-game experience of skinning your blaster into the real world, select your Skin and enter the battle. Get ready for chaos with the X-Shot Skins Dread K.O.

With a 12-dart capacity, the Dreads’ double trouble rotating barrels mean you are locked and loaded for excitement. When you run out of darts in one barrel, switch over to the second one quickly and blast the opposition from up to 27m away.

X-Shot Skins darts feature new air pocket technology for a faster, further, and more accurate shot. The X-Shot Skins Dread blaster comes in 7 unique skins to collect, to build the ultimate armoury.

NB: These come in various (7) designs and are selected at random on shipping. For selecting a specific design please visit instore.

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